Plett Martial Arts Academy

World Championships

9 members of the Plett Sports Martial Arts Academy have been selected for the Official South African NMA/ISKA – SASMA Sport Martial Arts Team to attend the 2015 ISKA World Championships.

Originally founded as the International Sport Karate Association when the birth of kickboxing in America grew out of “Full-Contact Karate,” ISKA is now also recognized globally as the International Sport Kickboxing Association. Since 1986 ISKA has set an unprecedented standard of professionalism and integrity while serving as the world’s most well recognized sanctioning and regulatory body for combat sports and competitive martial arts. ISKA maintains a continued commitment to training, certifying officials and updating rules and regulations while recognizing both worthy champions and world-rated contenders in more than twenty different types of martial arts and combat sports.

Each year, the US OPEN and ISKA World Martial Arts Championships weekend presents an experience unique to the martial arts. The location itself is in the heart of Disney World and sets the stage for a fun and magical weekend of thrilling competition and activities for everyone.

The US OPEN brings together the world’s very best competitors, teams, coaches, spectators, and officials for a weekend of inspiring performances and the most memorable of good times.

The event will again be telecast worldwide on the ESPN Networks. Whether you are a seasoned competitor or a newcomer to the art and sport, the US OPEN aims to be your most exciting and enjoyable event of the year!

The US Open is acknowledged as being “The Greatest Show in Martial Arts” and the “ World’s Most Prestigious Martial Arts Tournament”.

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The 9 Students chosen to attend are:

Traditional Karate Students

  • Senpai Ben Roode – 13 – Purple Belt ( Junior Brown)
  • Nadine Patterson – 16 – Brown Belt
  • Noah Chatz – 13 – Blue Belt
  • James Taylor – 13 – Yellow Belt

Kick Boxing

  • Sensei Reynard Westraat – 27 – Black Belt
  • Oshi-doshi Janine Stephens – 24 – Blue Belt
  • Oshi-doshi Ceileigh Mccurrach – 21 – Black Belt

Traditional Karate Students & Kick Boxing

  • Lojza Pisonic – 11 – Orange Belt
  • Aiden Trahms – 10 – Green Belt